Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to Update O.S.without CD or DVD | Power ISO | Window without any CD or DVD or Pen Drive

Hey Guys, it is a big problem when you don't know about how to update or install window without use of any other hardware. So i am here with this problem's solution. Power ISO is the software which remove your problem of window update. Just follow some steps and get a new window anytime.
1. Download Power iso from any software website
2. Install it
3. Insert one time window CD and then copy all files to any drive
4. Now on that folder, use right click and then you see the option of power iso
5. Now make a image file using power iso
6. If you want to install window then open iso image which you made
7. Click on the setup file
8. Extract all files
9. It takes some time then
10. It is ready to install a new and fresh window

I hope, you will try it soon.
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